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profile 2013 contest dominationHi! I’m Marta Daniels, The Marta if you will, lol! I chose this domain because I discovered there was another Marta Daniels out there who is also an author, so I wanted everyone to know that I’m The Marta Daniels, even though I think she’s actually older, lol. Anyways, pleased to meetcha!

I have several different websites, but they all serve different purposes. I have a website about salvation called I’m Saved in the 21st Century, because God is truly the head of my life. I have a website called Marta Daniels, which is my official author website. . But I needed a blog, you know, a place where I can just hang out and be me! So this is that place. Kick off your shoes, stay awhile! I’m so glad you stopped by! Oh and, y’all come back now, ya hear? I’m such a goofball.

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